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Friday, May 24, 2013

Garage Sales Haul

It's one of my favorite seasons! Garage sale season! So many great finds for so cheap. Today I took some pictures.
It's a salt and pepper shaker! This lady was selling her whole collection and I thought this was perfect.

So cute! How could I NOT buy it?
It's an airlock!!! I had been thinking about ordering one of these a while back, but they were like $15 with shipping. I'm glad I waited. This airlock came with a bung (the rubber cork thing) and some cool unused bottle caps for $1. I actually owe this find to my mom... I was headed back to the car when she found a capper and asked if I had one. I do have one, but I thought depending on the price it might be resalable. Lo and behold, right next to the capper was a plastic baggie with the airlock and the other goodies. It was one of those moments when you marvel that someone hadn't picked it up already. And the great thing is that I can use it with one of last year's garage sale finds...
A carboy! Now that I have an airlock to fit, I can make all sorts of fermented drinks. My next challenge is to get the thing clean after sitting in storage for a year. Neither of my bottle brushes were long enough, so I did the obvious thing and tied them together. Two is better than one after all!
It didn't quite work... both handles were too flimsy and I still couldn't reach some parts of the jug. Oh well.

Those were two of my greatest finds... there were some others but this post is getting rather long, so I will stop. Besides, who has time for blogging when there is cheese to make??

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