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About Me

Something about me...

Let's see. I like writing, cooking, selling things on Ebay, going to garage sales, reading, spending time with my new husband.

Oh yeah, and I like cheese!

Moreover, I like making cheese... and lots of other yummy things. Head over to the tutorials page and learn how to make things of your own!

Some history...

I started cooking on my own when I was 11 or 12. My whole wheat rolls won a trophy at the county fair! From then on I was hooked. Since we lived on a dairy farm, it was like milk rained from the sky and I started making yogurt, ice cream, butter, and yes- cheese.

When I was 21 I fell head over heels for a handsome storage shed builder. He snagged me with his 1974 Corvette Stingray. In a whirlwind romance (not really- it took him forever to ask me out) we got to know each other and married this spring. I am delighted to cook every meal for him, and yes, he is delighted to eat it.

Unless it involves asparagus.

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