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Friday, November 8, 2013

How to Make Homemade Yogurt Thick and Creamy

Ever wonder why your homemade yogurt is watery, thin, lumpy, stringy, or not "setting" right? Well I don't know either. I do know how to fix it, though.

Some people use pectin to get that coveted mayonnaise-like texture; my BF claims that his sister heats the milk to "just the right temperature" and that's what makes it thick and creamy. I say.... those things sound like a lot of work.

When yogurt is thick and watery, it means there is too much whey. Greek yogurt is just normal yogurt with the extra whey strained out. The technique I use makes a yogurt "cheese" by straining out the whey, and then adds some watery yogurt back in to get the right texture.

Hanging the yogurt.

First, line a mixing bowl with cheesecloth or some other thin cloth. I used a clean napkin. Then gather up the corners and use a rubber band or hair tie to make a "bag". Suspend the bag above a bowl to catch all of the extra whey.

Whey is awesome stuff... you can soak flour with it, put it on your garden plants, or even drink it like lemonade. It is also used in lacto-fermented condiments... like my favored Ginger Carrots.

Anyhow, strain out as much whey as you want. I was busy all day and just let mine drain to the point of being yogurt cheese. Just don't let it get dry and crusty.... eeew.

Mixing in some watery yogurt.
And that's about it! I mixed my yogurt cheese and watery yogurt with a fork, but for best consistency use a whip or Kitchen Aid. Don't be lazy like me. Then, for best results, add maple syrup or pureed fruit or some kind of sweetener. BEST EVER. Plus, you can serve it to guests without being embarrassed or trying to explain that it's "healthy", hence the ugliness.

Let me know how your yogurt turns out!


  1. well.....it DOES work to "heat it to just the right temperature"! And it was AWESOME! it works better to strain it though; I've tried that, too:) And it was awesomer!

  2. So you have done it too?! I heard that Rose had success with it that way. I'd love to try your secret method sometime... hint hint. ;)