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Friday, February 7, 2014

FF- The Frugal BAM!

Frugal is not just about saving money. There is something I like to call the Frugal BAM! It's basically killing two (or more!) birds with one stone. Saving time AND money, having fun AND making money, building skills AND relationships.

Some examples:

1. Making your own dinner instead of McDonalds: BAM! Save money and be healthier.

2. Biking/walking and picking up cans and bottles: BAM! You get paid to exercise.

3. Fixing your own computer: BAM! Save tons of money and learn skills (that you can help other people with!).

This efficiency is something I strive for; constantly evaluating things in my life to make sure I'm using my resources wisely.

There are some things in life that are an all-around bad deal for the most part. For example:

1. Buying movies (waste time and money)
2. Reading romance novels (waste time and create unrealistic expectations for relationships)
3. Buying lottery tickets (waste money, time and breath asking for one, finger energy to scratch it off)
4. Drinking pop (waste money, get fatter, get sicker, rot your teeth out!)

Sure a small dose of these things is not going to kill you, but don't make it a habit. It's just not a wise use of resources... the opposite of a Frugal BAM!.

If we can take unfrugal habits and replace them with Frugal BAMs! think of what could be accomplished. I look forward to introducing some Frugal BAMs! in the coming weeks. How to cook cheaper, faster, healthier, and tastier.

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