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Friday, May 30, 2014

Budget Breakdown: Part 2

If you remember my last Budget Breakdown post, you'll be embarrassed with me as I recall a grocery shopping trip that cost $56.75.

I am happy to report that our latest shopping trip cost $28.85.

Dairy- $5.82 (milk, cheese, yogurt)
Meat- $1.04 (chicken livers)
Vegetables- $7.25 (carrots, hot pepper, green pepper, squash, onion, cucumber, tomatoes)
Fruit- $3.14 (bananas, canned pineapple)
Other- $11.60 (spaghetti sauce, relish, vinegar, olive oil, vegetable oil [don't worry, I don't eat it ;p])

I am really happy with these numbers. The veggies are a little out of proportion, but when the garden vegetables start coming in that number will go down as well. I'm hoping to forage some fruit this summer- maybe do some bartering or find other thrifty things to do.

Still working on the dairy bit- it's really hard to come up with cost-effective recipes if you're buying the milk at full retail price. The chicken livers were an impulse purchase. Hubs and I got to taste some chicken liver pate in Barbados, which was in the back of my mind when I saw that the livers were on sale. Plus livers are good for you.

We also got our weekly can of spaghetti sauce (again, something I hope to make myself this fall), replenished the olive oil & vinegar supply, and also got some vegetable oil for craft/non-food uses. I use canola oil for some cooking & baking. Not the best for you, but it's odor-less and better than soybean oil, in my opinion.

What are your tips for budget grocery shopping?

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