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Monday, June 30, 2014


 It's that time of year again- the birds start pooping mulberries all over.

So get out there and beat 'em to the goods! Mulberries are like any other fruit- great for freezing, making into jam, juicing for wine or just plain eating.

Some tips for picking mulberries:

1.Wear old clothes! Mulberries stain like crazy.

2. Bring a large bowl and a small one. Fill the small one, and then dump into the large one. It reduces your chance of spilling and wasting.

3. Ask permission. As with any foraging venture, if you see something you want on someone's private property, ask before you pick. They might be looking forward to picking as well. Be courteous. A nice thing to do is give the property owner a jar of jam or something as a thank you.

4. When done picking, rinse the berries and pick out unripe/bad ones. Also pick out bugs. :P

5. Refrigerate or process immediately. Otherwise they attract fruit flies. If you leave them long enough, the flies will lay eggs. Eew!

And that's it! I'll be posting some of my mulberry recipes soon.

Happy picking!

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