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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hands-Free Berry Picking

If you're holding the bowl with one hand and picking with the other while holding back leaves and brambles with your elbow, it's time to git yourself a hands-free berry pickin' bucket!

1. Find an empty milk jug. Make sure it's clean. I use freshly emptied ones and then rinse them out with soapy water, followed by a final hot rinse.

2. Mark where to cut with a permanent marker.

3. CAREFULLY cut the hole. It stinks to slip and slice your digit, because then whenever you wash dishes it hurts real bad.

4. And you're done! Use a metal ring or clip to fasten the handle to your belt loop. If you're really hick, stick a piece of baler twine through the handle and use it like a belt.

Another option, pictured below, is to make a cut at the bottom of the handle and stick it in your pants pocket. This isn't as secure though- it is truly crushing to dump a whole hour's worth of picking because your bucket was overloaded or not secure. Don't ask how I know this.

There you have it! Less picking time, more berries, and yes- far less elbow scratches. It's always good to have a free hand to swat mosquitoes with.


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