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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My To-Not Do List

Do you have trouble staying focused or finishing projects? The To-Not Do list is for you! After feeling quite overwhelmed with taking care of my garden, I realized that gardening season is NOT the season to take on new and exciting projects. Here is a list of things I've decided to not do this summer:

1. Canning dry beans
2. Home decorating
3. Sewing
4. Reading and studying (I cheat on this sometimes)
5. Genealogy
6. Profuse writing (limited writing is okay)
7. Deep cleaning
8. New gardening projects
9. Selling things on Ebay
10. Doing craft projects from Pinterest

Making a To-Not Do list relieves me from guilt of not doing everything, and it reminds me that there will be more time in the winter for these things.

What's on your To-Not Do list?

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