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Monday, August 18, 2014

Mexican Truffles, Huitlacoche, or.... Corn Smut

Guess what I found the other day on my sweet corn? A bonus crop of nutritious mushroomy fungus that most people just throw away.

Infected ear (top) and normal ear (bottom)
This fungi can be cooked like any other mushroom- I've had it pan fried with cheese, and also thrown in with eggs and salsa for a delicious lunch. If you're not a mushroom fan, don't worry. Mexican truffles are quite bland. If mushroom-haters (like me) can get over the texture, it's all good.

Only eat the infected kernels (that's what they are- big, overinflated corn kernels) that haven't burst into powdery blossom, like the one below:

Not cool.

Anything you don't eat right away can be frozen. Some specialty stores carry canned Mexican Truffles, but I couldn't find any legit home-canning instructions. So, freeze or eat fresh.

I never buy mushrooms at the store, so these Mexican Truffles will probably serve as my year's supply of pizza mushrooms. I'm all for free food! :D

As with any mushroom, identify carefully and consume at your own risk.

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