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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I love guacamole. My first ever memories of guacamole happened at the Taco Bell drive thru when I was a small child. After her order, my mom would often say, "no guacamole". I thought guacamole must be bad if she never wanted it. On the other hand, sometimes my dad would exclaim, "Holy guacamole!" (or alternatively, "Holy guacamole Batman!"), which seemed to denote something good.

It wasn't until a year ago that I actually tried the mysterious substance. I'm not sure I would have liked it as a child, but my refined adult palate thinks it is quite awesome. Plus it's so much fun to say. Especially if you shorten it to 'guac'. It just has that cool-cat feel... like saying 'Stang or 'Vette or Strat.

I didn't follow my cookbook recipe for two reasons- 1) there was no way I was going to buy 10 avacados. 2) I was too lazy to weigh out all the ingredients. It's not like the whole recipe is going to flop if I add too many tomatoes. However, I did (kind of) follow the ingredient list, which included avacados, lime juice, salt, pepper, coriander, tomatoes, and hot sauce. I added hot pepper flakes thanks to my lack of jalepenos, but still don't think I got it hot enough. That's what I love about guacamole- the cool, creamy avacado, contrasted with heat. So addicting.

Basically I mashed up the avacado, and then added the other stuff until I thought it tasted right. Since I've had guacamole like four times in my entire life, I know how it's supposed to taste. LOL. I just stopped putting stuff in when it tasted good.

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