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Thursday, March 28, 2013

In which March draws to a close...

And so, another month has come and gone. Hopefully April will be warmer and I'll have more time to cook and do fun stuff like that. I've got my two maple trees tapped and buckets overflowing with sap. I'll admit it, I'm a horrible sapper. Er... tapper? I'm not so bad at tapping- it's the follow-up that I'm bad at. Collecting and boiling down and not burning the stuff. Kudos to anyone who does more than two trees.

Guess what else, folks? I got a new BOOK! It's Bo Friberg's The Professional Pastry Chef, supposedly one of the most comprehensive books on baking and pastry. I've been trying to read a little each night, just to get a feel for the techniques used and different types of pastry. But the thing is a monster! One of my goals in life is to learn as much as I possibly can, so books make me a happy girl. Not only that, but food is one of the greatest pleasures in life. So reading about food makes me a really happy girl.

What else. I was making gravy and cracked a cast-iron pan. I also discovered that if you mix one banana, a half an avocado, and some yogurt, it makes a really healthy, palatable meal. But it takes forever to mash the banana or avocado with a fork. I need one of those Magic Bullet blenders.

That's about all for now, folks. There are some pre-scheduled posts on the way so stay tuned.

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