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Friday, August 30, 2013

Growing celery and carrots!

A while back I stumbled upon a blog post about growing your own celery. I cleaned out the fridge and lo and behold! I found some old celery. There were also some very... mature carrots, so I threw the tops of those in my little "garden" as well. The other thing you see in there is a sprouted avacodo pit from a VERY ripe avacado. Let's just say this fridge was loaded. It all grew wonderfully for the first two weeks. Eventually I transplanted everything- the celery survived, the carrots and avacado didn't. I do have an avacado success though, growing in my office at work... maybe I'll post a picture sometime.

This is an sweet project for homeschoolers or other totally awesome people (like me) who enjoy and/or compulsively grow stuff. I wonder how long it would take to grow the celery to a stalk. Any courageous ones out there willing to try? Or am I all alone in this?


  1. That is too cool Bethany, too cool! :D

  2. I know, right? The cool things you find surfing the web.