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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tortilla Chips... pan or deep fat fried?

Deep fat fried
I finally got around to making tortilla chips, like the ones they serve in Mexican resturaunts. Forgive me if my methods are incorrect, as I did zero research on making tortilla chips before I actually did it.

The batch I've pictured first was deep fat fried in soybean oil (gasp! people, don't do this at home! I was housesitting and had to choose between vegetable and olive oil). They turned out looking very nice, evenly colored and crispy. However, they tasted like nothing. This probably had to do with the oil and the fact that I used corn tortillas, which really have no flavor to start out with. I also forgot to sprinkle salt over top before I ate them.

So, for a pretty picture to put on your blog, deep fat fry your tortillas in soybean oil.

If you're going for flavor though, pan fry in butter!

The second batch was pan-fried in butter and salt. It was hard to get a happy medium between oil-soaked floppy and charcoal burned, but the chips that did turn out were excellent. They did take more time to cook, however.
Pan-fried in butter... yummy!
Happy frying!

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