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Friday, October 4, 2013

Foraging 101 Finale: Frog Legs!!

To finish up my foraging series, I've arranged for my brothers to do a guest post on finding and processing bull frogs. All about preparing frog legs:

1. Catching. First you get a hook, and then you get a piece of tin foil and make the tin foil look like wings on the hook. Then you jiggle it in front of the bullfrog's face. It will bite the tin foil, and then you jerk it up and put it on land. Then you catch it and put it in a cooler.

2. Killing. The best way to kill it would probably be to get a knife and jab it in the head.

3. Preparation of Legs. You get a pair of hedge trimmers and make a cut to separate the legs from the body. Also cut the 'flippers' from the legs.

4. Skinning. Make a small notch in the skin at the top of the thigh. Then run the tip of your thumb between the meat and the skin, and peel off the skin.

5. Bagging. Put the clean legs in a ziplock bag. Press out all the air and zip up the bag. The legs can then be frozen or cooked fresh.

Happy frogging! Happy happy happy!

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