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Monday, October 7, 2013

Office Lunch- easy, cheap, paleo, gluten-free, all natural slow food.

Happy Monday! To celebrate the beginning of the work week, I'm going to share with you my preferred (dare I say nearly perfect) office lunch. It costs less than a dollar, takes 5 minutes to prepare (including cleanup!) and is totally delicious.

When I first started working as a secretary, I would have one baked potato Monday - Friday. It worked, but microwaved potatoes can get boring. Plus they're microwaved.... eew.

About 6 months ago I switched to sweet potatoes. They're a lot more nutritious, and I cook them in a little crock pot so there's zero nuking going on. The little pot is not intended to actually cook food (just keep it warm), so I have to cut the potato into 3/4" slices and start it right after I get to work in the morning. It cooks for about 5 hours. After cooking I peel the skins off and mash some butter in. Sprinkle generously with salt and- BAM! Ready to eat.

Sweet potatoes cost around 80 cents each where I'm at. That seems pricey, but I'm only eating at the office twice a week instead of five days like I was before (switched work schedule).

Plus it's SO GOOD!!!

This, friends, is my perfect office lunch.

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