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Friday, January 24, 2014

Announcing Frugal Friday!

For the past couple months I've been posting a new tutorial every Friday. That worked great until I ran out of time to make tutorials. Something about planning a wedding and being terribly in love that sucks away a lot of free time! However, I still find a free moment here and there to write (which I LOVE! ...but not as much as my fiancee), so I'll be doing a series of random posts on one of my favorite things- frugality. Favorite, that is, behind my other Favorite Thing who bought me a sweet mandolin slicer for Christmas that I love (but not as much as... you get the idea).

So in the following weeks I plan to answer the following questions:

What can I buy when I'm starving at the grocery store with a quarter that I found in the cup holder?

What is the cheapest dessert / side / entree that I can bring to a party?

What is the least (and most!) expensive appliance to cook with?

What compels people to spend way too much on food?

Would it be cheaper to order a Quarter Pounder at McDonalds or just get several McDoubles and mash the patties together???*

So, pull off those couch cushions, find some change and join me for Frugal Fridays, beginning January 31st with "What's Not Frugal".

* I was only half serious about McDonalds. But I have wondered that before.

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