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Friday, February 21, 2014

FF- Mashed Beans

I am about to introduce you to my newest frugal find-

Mashed Beans.

It's like mashed potatoes, but with beans. These can be made into refried beans, used in burritos, added to soup- whatever you come up with. I like mixing mine with salsa, cheese, rice and sour cream to put on a taco shell or just eat as is. Yum!

Cooking your own beans can save you cash, as explained in this Frugal Friday post by Healthy Family Cookin'. Dry beans are easy to store, easy to make, and good for you, which elevates them to Frugal BAM! status.


1. Fill the crock pot NOT MORE THAN halfway with dried beans. Fill up the pot with water. You will find that the beans expand exponentially overnight.

The Beans: Pre-soak
The Beans: Post-soak
2. Cover with some more water and cook the beans. I prefer the low setting. Skim off any foam that develops, as shown:
The Bean Foam
3. When the beans are soft, like canned beans from the store, strain off the water and run them through a blender or food processor. I like to use the Kitchen Aid mixer.
Ready for use!
4. (Optional) Season the beans with salt, pepper or spices if desired. They will be pretty bland if you leave them as-is. 

From here you can 1) use the beans, 2) keep them in the fridge (but not too long- 2 weeks is pushing it) or 3) fill quart-sized baggies and stockpile in the freezer.

And remember- not too many beans before the Sunday morning service!