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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Book Review: Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide

Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide
by Stan Tekiela

Before I got Wildflowers of Michigan Field Guide (Wildflowers of . . . Field Guides)  I would go on the internet and google "white flower with pokey leaves" or some other vague term, and come up with a million different plants, none of which I was looking for. Or I'd think I had the right plant, only to discover that it only grows in Florida. Sometimes I wondered what useful plants I was missing out on every day because of my ignorance.

Wildflowers of Michigan has over 170 different plants classified by color. This makes looking up each flower very easy. In addition to full color photographs, each plant is classified by family, flower type, leaf type and/or attachment, blooming time, habitat and range. There is also a paragraph for "Stan's Notes"- comments about the plant history, uses, and other interesting facts. At the back of the book is a check list/ index of all the plants, as well as a glossary.

 I found this last week at a garage sale and have NOT been able to put it down! Every time I go for a walk I pick up some new flower or plant (Hubs calls them 'weeds' but he will understand someday) to look up in my new book. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes studying plants and nature.

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