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Friday, May 16, 2014

New Baking Cost Calculator

This Frugal Friday I am proud to unveil something I have been working on that is now ready for public use.

I give you.... The Baking Cost Worksheet. (Download HERE!)

After entering all of your ingredients in the spreadsheet, there will be a total figure for your recipe. This is how I've been coming up with my "cost per recipe" numbers.

All of the ingredients are priced according to off-brand items. I've been keeping track of what I pay for groceries on a different spreadsheet (a great idea I got from Faith & Family on the Farm).

Right now I am working on a master spreadsheet that would easily allow for fluctuating prices and factoring any recipe, not just baking recipes. This spreadsheet will also allow you to pre-calculate the cost of a shopping trip.*

Many thanks to my very smart husband, who is much better at spreadsheets than I am.

Please do share this with all of your friends, family members, and anyone else who might enjoy it- but probably not the people who buy your cookies at Farmer's Market.

Happy Frugal Friday!

*Which is basically something that only nerds like me would be interested in doing, but I thought I might as well try.

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